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     Having Chessington Carpet Cleaning Services on board during what was a rather large cleaning project was an absolute blessing. I don't know how I would've managed without their expertise on the job.
Samantha W19/05/2020
     I am happy with the upholstery cleaning that Carpet Cleaner Chessington performed on my new sofa. They removed the wine stain and did not overcharge me! They have lower rates than most others. I would recommend!
T. Nichols19/09/2019
     I was completely at ease with Chessington Carpet Cleaners cleaning my house. They made all the right noises on the phone. I booked with them and I wasn't disappointed. They arrived on time. The cleaning staff were on point. They got to work right away. They had a lot of work that needed doing, but they got on it right away and completed everything within time. The team were trustworthy and did a great job. I'll be using them again.
F. Carr09/10/2018
     My friends and I have lived in a shared house for a year and one of the reasons we get on so well is that we don't have to worry about house cleaning. ChessingtonCarpetCleaners are our cleaning agency and they come every week to clean the kitchen, the lounge, the bathrooms and the hallways. They are super efficient and get a lot done in the hour they are there and they have twice cleaned the oven for us as well as scrubbing and spraying the shower regularly to keep the mould at bay. We are very happy with the work they do!
Agatha L.14/11/2014
     Consistency is a key issue with me when I'm hiring cleaning agencies to look after my house. I just do not have the time to bother with finding a new team every time something goes wrong. It's really disappointing to forge a great bond with an agency and then get unpredictable results. That is why I love hiring ChessingtonCarpetCleaners for their consistent, dependable cleaning services. Every time I make the phone call I know I am going to get great results, as always.
Rachel G.19/09/2014
     I found some fantastic pieces of furniture but they really needed a good clean. Since they were so old I decided that professional help was a must, so I contacted this cleaning company. ChessingtonCarpetCleaners did an excellent job at restoring the furniture to its former glory. All the stains and marks were gone, and in no time at all I had the wonderfully clean and good-as-new furniture that I'd been hoping for! The service was cheap and efficient and I'm looking forward to trying out some of the company's other available cleaning services. Great job - would recommend over and over again!
     I wanted to find a house cleaner that I could afford, but I also wanted one that I could trust. After a colleague overheard me complaining about my household chores she gave me the number for ChessingtonCarpetCleaners and I got in touch straight away. I thought the prices were more than reasonable, and I'd read some great reviews online. When my cleaner arrived I was really impressed with the job she did - even the tough stains on my furniture were lifted and gone in no time at all! I'll never use a different cleaning company now I've found this one!

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